I started tennis training 22 years ago, have been competing since the age of 7, and have been spinning on the international tennis carousel since 2007. I have worked determinedly and devotedly all these years to rise to the top of women's professional tennis. 

Today, I am announcing that I am ending my career as a competitive athlete. This is an extremely emotional decision for me because I love tennis. I love the game that has been the center of my life over 20 years. Every professional player knows how difficult it is to reach the top in tennis and even more so to stay there. Every victory requires not only physical but also mental effort. 

After several doctor’s visits and consultations with my medical team, I have been advised that I have lumbar disc degeneration (Discopathia lumbalis) in my back. This does not allow for full-scale training or continued competition. Therefore, it is impossible to continue at the top level in such a highly competitive field. 

Tennis has given me a lot, and I am very grateful for that. It has been important for me to bring the Estonian flag on the tennis courts and to offer excitement to my supporters and fans. I hope that I have providedinspiration that even when you come from a small country, it is possible to rise to the top of the tennis world. I believe that life still has something to offer me. I am ready for new challenges. 

At the moment, I am working on my last effort - to enjoy the game and compete as hard as I can atWimbledon.